Club is full for the season 2014/2015

Guest Policy
Please note that from beginning of this season through to the end of the calendar year, we will not be accepting guests except at the Maurice Lapointe location.

Social Events
We aim to have social events during the year – Christmas and the end of season. Dates are to be announced.

We plan to have two competitive club tournaments. If there is sufficient interest we can organize different types of tournaments. All suggestions are welcomed.

KBC is registered with the Ottawa and District Badminton Association (ODBA), the Ontario Badminton Association and Badminton Canada.

Rating Guidelines
KBC uses a “rate yourself” system – general rating guidelines are posted on this web site and will also be posted on the club’s player boards.
If you are not sure how to rate yourself, please ask one of the executive members.

Green dot = Beginner
Yellow dot = Intermediate
Red dot = Advanced

All members are responsible for their own racquets. KBC supplies birdies and the nets for both locations at Earl of March High School and the Bridlewood Community Centre.

Shuttle Distribution and Use
Shuttles will be distributed by club executives, on need basis. The club will ensure reasonable shuttle demands are met to all members, at all times. All the players must use and care for shuttles properly. Only old shuttles should be used during warm up. The members who play the last game of the night should place the shuttles back into the tubes. No shuttles should be left in the big storage box.

21-point System
The 21-point system will be applied to games. The serving and scoring rules can be found at www.worldbadminton.com/rules/.